Unblock twitter with VPN

Unblocking Twitter in Turkey

Twitter banned in Turkey

As of  20 march 2014 twitter got totally banned for people from Turkey. From a daily 2.000.000 daily tweets just 500.000 were send by twitter. This means that the most people do not know how to access twitter for now. This is why we made our website to help and assist to gain your freedom and access to twitter back. Also recogonize that internet security is very easy and important to grasp,
We do not know what will happen, but Facebook might also get banned really shortly Therefor make sure you try the vpn service today on free trial.

Twitter banned in China

Since today, the top 3 websites are getting blocked by China.
1. Youtube. 2. Facebook & They blocked Twitter.

In our attempt to get all Chinese to be able to use Those popular social media websites. We arranged with WaselPro a fast growing vpn network, to give all people who got banned  from one of these websites a free trial. Next to this we offer you a great vpn discount coupon to gain 20% off.
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How can i unblock twitter with a VPN provider?

With a Twitter vpn app. you can surf thru twitter with a stealth connection. Therefor you can access twitter without any problem. Some great features from combining VPN with twitter.

  • Complete Privacy: U will gain total privacy. your own ip will be hidden. Even on free public WiFi you will be heavily guarded by the double encrypted security later.
  • Top notch Security: a The Twitter VPNservice will encrypt your data, will speed up the internet connection. Prevents Hackers to trace and grab your data.
  • Internet Freedom: the solution to gain more internet speed, while increasing your internet security by keeping your identify totally save. No more geo restrictions. Finally able to visit and use Twitter limitless

How it works?

1. Visit the VPN provider site.:

2. Download the twitter unbanning software.

3. Connect to your favorite vpn servers.


It´s not new, Internet censorship is something which may occur worldwide. Often it has political reasons. Above all, grand yourself the internet freedom you deserve. Just try the VPN service just for today, it will open a lot of possibilities.