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Social media banned in Turkey


Countries that Block Social Media

Countries that block social media Use Including Twitter - There have been a number of countries that are starting to ban some of the biggest social media sites on the web today. 

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The 5 Best Twitter VPN Services

A few words about VPN services Twitter is blocked in several countries and so VPN services have increased in popularity, as they allow users to bypass Twitter block. With only

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Advantages of Using a VPN for Twitter

Why is VPN needed for Twitter? Twitter is blocked in several countries, yet people who wish to access it still have a chance: unblocking Twitter with a VPN software. Although

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Unblock twitter with VPN

Unblocking Twitter in Turkey As of  20 march 2014 twitter got totally banned for people from Turkey. From a daily 2.000.000 daily tweets just 500.000 were send by twitter. This